Car Valeting Service

Do you find that you don't have time to tackle cleaning the car yourself? Wouldn't it be good to have it done for you so you can come out and step into a nice clean car. Car Medic Huddersfield can offer you anything from a wash and vacuum to a full valeting service at your home or place of work within the Huddersfield area.

Car Wash and Vacuum

The exterior of the car is washed using the two bucket method with a lambs wool wash mitt and then dried with a micro-fibre drying towel. The wheels are cleaned, the interior of the vehicle, carpets, mats and seats are vacuumed. Prices are from £15.00.

Mini Valet

The exterior of the vehicle is washed using the two bucket method with a lambs wool wash mitt, and then dried with a micro-fibre drying towel. The alloy wheels are cleaned of baked on brake dust and the tyres are dressed. The carpets, mats, seats & the boot are vacuumed. The dashboard, doorcards and the trims are cleaned using a specialist cleaning product. The windows are then cleaned. Prices start from £25.00.

Interior Valet

The carpets, mats, seats and boot is vacuumed followed by the carpets, mats and seat being shampooed (leather interiors are treated with leather cleaner and leather feed). The dashboard, door cards and trims are cleaned and dressed with specialist valeting products. The windows are cleaned and polished followed by the interior of the vehicle being treated with a cranberry odour neutralising treatment. A full interior service is available from £35.00

Exterior Valet

The vehicle is treated with snow foam which loosens dried on debris. All the badges and tight gaps are cleaned with detailing brushes. The vehicle is washed using the two bucket method as mentioned above. The vehicle is then de-tarred using a specialist product followed by full hand polishing. The windows are polished and the tyres & exterior trims are dressed. Prices from £45.00.

Full Valet

Interior & Exterior as mentioned above. Prices from £75.00.


Fogging is the safest way to make the interior of your vehicle smell fresh. Unlike cheap air freshener sprays' fogging actually kills air bourne bacteria as well as fungi and mould at source. Fogging is completely pet and human safe as it has been tested by leading bodies and doctors in many countries. Fogging eliminates pet, body odour, and tobacco based smells to name just a few. After fogging the interior of your vehicle is left with a nice aroma that lasts. It comes in three different fragrances, cherry, cherry blast and citrus/orange. There is also a fogging service that kills fleas for pet owners that might have fleas in the vehicle. Prices start from £30.00.

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